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Bridge Jam 2010 2 September 2010

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TDA KLANN brought us the sixeenth annual ‘Bridge Jam‘ in Drogheda this August with a whole hoast of internationally renowned graffiti writters including Daser, Vibes, Kak, Smug, Rask, Sums, Maser, Jor, Mr Zee, Twis, Dris, Ciar, Rise, Dusto, Dex, Baqsr, Crap, Beta, Tea, Jack, Texto, Kean, Deks, Crept, Jise, Name, Bryte, Dir One and Reks. The photos below come from Crucial333’s flickr collection. Visit IrishStreetArt.com on facebook to see Crucial333’s video of the freshly coated bridge.

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More Graffiti from a Growing Limerick Scene 10 March 2010

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In the last year or so, Limerick‘s Dock Road has been completely transformed. The long, drab, grey road had become a grave yard for petrol stations and the Celtic tiger did little in the way of architectural enhancement. However, thanks to a group of committed Limerick based graffiti artists, the city now has a new focal point in the most unlikely of places. From it’s modest beginning, Limerick‘s beautiful graffiti spot now is decorated with the letters of Ireland’s leading graffiti writers. Long may it last!
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