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Adrian + Shane Interview 7 December 2012

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Adrian + Shane have been churning out pop art since 1998. IrishStreetArt.com caught up with the Drogheda couple to find out a little more about the Adrian + Shane brand.

Adrian and Shane Street Art

When did you two start making art together?

It started soon after we met each other. We got very drunk one night in Glasgow and started messing around in a sketch pad. We did ten pieces that night and have been collaborating since then.

When creating a piece what does each party bring to the table?

The process of making varies all the time, depending on the project. When we originally started making art together, we would take turns working on a canvas, and keep swapping it back and fourth until it looked finished. We didn’t know what we would end up with. Nowadays pieces are planned out and we rely on each others strengths towards creating a piece, especially if we are under pressure.

Fans of Irish Street Art will no doubt be familiar with your Iconic stenciled work have you a favorite piece?

We love our ‘March‘ image. It’s the image that people would associate with us most. The image was created during a ‘self-portrait’ photo shoot we did for a magazine a few years ago. It’s been manipulated countless times. It’s been the subject of many of our paintings and prints. And it’s the main image we’ve used on the streets, in paste up and sticker form. People regularly send us photos they’ve taken of it on the streets world wide. We love that they recognise it when they come across it even though there’s no text attached saying that it’s Adrian + Shane.

Adrian and Shane Street Art

How does the title ‘Ireland’s Gilbert and George‘ sit with you?

We’re really flattered. They are really successful and respected artists. Being compared to someone like that is a great compliment, we really like their work. Our work isn’t similar. We use different techniques. And create a very different product. They are two men who use themselves in their artwork and so are we, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. We don’t plan to use piss and shit in our work anytime soon.

What was your personal highlight of 2012 and what can we look forward to from A + S in 2013?

We moved to London for a few months in the Spring to get some inspiration for new work. It was a really exciting time. Spending everyday exploring the city, visiting galleries and museums, meeting other creative heads, taking bucket loads of photos. Just really soaking up everything London has to offer. We made lots of new friends and connections.

Earlier in the year we did a range of T-shirts based on our stencils and they were a massive success. We sold so many all over the world, it was great to have such exposure and interest. We are currently planning several Adrian + Shane exhibitions for next year. We’ve been approached by gallery owners in London and New York. We’d also like to do a Dublin show. Watch this space.

Adrian and Shane Street Art

If anyone is interested in getting their hands on Adrian + Shane’s art, there are small canvases, prints and sticker packs available in their online store: adrianandshane.bigcartel.com To keep up to date follow A+S on Facebook,A+S on Twitter or Instagram: AdrianAndShane.

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