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The Office of Non-compliance Hits The Road 1 September 2011

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Jor - Roadworks

Dublin Contemporary 2011 has collaborated with ANewSpace to commission internationally renowned street artists to create in twentytwo urban sites all over Dublin city centre. ‘Roadworks‘ includes artists such as Conor Harrington, D*Face, DMC, ESCIF, Foes Crew, InputOut, Jor, Mark Jenkins, Maser, Morgan, Prefab Collective, Will Saint Leger and Rask. Taking place from now until the end of October there has never been a better time to visit the streets of the capital and this is a testament to the hard work by the guys at ANewSpace.

Rask - Roadworks

Highlights so far include DMC‘s Call Girls on St Andrews Lane, Jor‘s Tree at Green Nineteen and Rask (Godfather of Irish Graffiti) in the National Gallery of Ireland. To keep up to date with all the latest happenings at ‘Roadworks‘ visit ANewSpace on Tumblr.

DMC - Roadworks

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All City Jam Caught On Video 1 June 2009

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Enjoy this video documenting Dublin’s incredible Hip-hop gathering last Easter. Filmed by Appolonia this short features graffiti, b-boying and, emceeing. Check out Terrible T-Kid 170 (graffiti artist from the Bronx) and The Blues Brothers (b-boy group).

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‘Graffiti Writer’ Foes’ Omin – Dundalk 15 May 2009

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We came across this interview with Omin of Foes Crew fame on Ilovegraffiti.de. This short doc gives a great insight into the views of an Irish graffiti writer.

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IrishStreetArt.com Heart Maser 16 February 2009

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Maser loves U

Irishstreetart.com has been a fan of Maser‘s work for the past few years from his pieces at Lecky Picky to his regular installments at the Bernard Shaw. Below is an exclusive collection of photos that Maser tell’s us ‘hasn’t hit the net’ before. For more updates on his latest projects blog here »

Maser first started painting graffiti in Ireland in 1995 and very quickly created quite an impression on the established scene with his innovative letter styles, characters and photo realism.

Its fair to see he is the most well rounded graffiti artist at work in ireland today with a capacity to do everything from quickly executed simple pieces to full colour work , characters and full scale cooperative projects with themed backgrounds and concepts. Since 1995 he’s treated the world as his canvas leaving behind some of his artwork in London, Germany, Copenhagen, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Sweden as well as making a visit to New York the birth place of his beloved artform. Maser has also painted extensively throughout Ireland.

In between he studied fine art and then qualified with a distinction in Design Communication. Upon graduation Maser was awarded Membership of the International Society of Typographic Designers. Using what he learned in college and adapting it to meet his needs has given Maser‘s work a unique edge fusing graffiti and grapic design.

Maser is a member of the TDA Klann and the Foes Crew. The TDA Klann, formed in 1991 are Ireland’s premier graffiti crew. Their focus on creating unique writing styles has earned them international acclaim and respect. Since 1993, they’ve been running Ireland’s first and only annual graffiti festival and front a movement for emerging artists encouraging and assisiting up and coming artists and promoting graffiti in a positive light.

Maser endeavours to highlight the positive aspects of graffiti, how it can enrich the cityscape and provide an outlet for young artists. His style is reflective of this, being both uplifting and socially conscious and harmonious with the surfaces he uses. His work carries a message , from the simple Maser loves you to the eye love my city which is maser proclaiming to everyone his love for his city, his environment and the people that live there.

Maser is more than a graffiti artist working in Dublin, his work reflects the feeling and emotions of the city and he uses the streets to tell his story, your story…

He is currently working on a book documenting the relationship between Graffiti and social groups in Dublin City.

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