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EU Street Art Exhibition – Dublin 4 November 2010

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‘EU Street Art’ brings together a group of leading Irish artists working in the field of graffiti and stencil art and runs from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday from 1st to 12th November 2010. The artists were asked to produce two panels each illustrating their personal view of Europe today.

Taking place at European Union House, 18 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, the Exhibition is a collection of graffiti and stencil art including work by the hugely talented Jor (art above) and other established names featured on IrishStreetArt.com such as ADW, Danleo, and Will St Leger.

Commissioned by the European Commission
Representation in Ireland and curated by Fiona Mulholland.

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Go Team Dublin! 11 February 2010

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Secret Wars: Euro League

Secret Wars Euro League, Dublin v’s Copenhagen, is taking place in The Bernard Shaw on firday the 5th of March at 8pm. The Irish team include Danleo, Mick Minogue, Cisto, Redmonk and Grim. Dublin has been drawn in group 3 with Barcelona, Southampton, Copenhagen and Paris. Each Graffiti battle takes place home and away, it’s a tough group so they’ll really need the support in Dublin. For more info visit Secret Wars Dublin.

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Secret Wars Needs You! 6 December 2009

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Danleo, of Secret Wars fame, is calling out for ‘quality artists to travel Europe battling for Ireland 17TH DEC TWISTED PEPPER!’ in Dublin at 9pm. Click here for more information.

Below is footage from the latest event in Dublin at Offset edited by the great Paul Mahon.

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Dublin v London 27 July 2009

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The first graffiti Secret Wars in Ireland was held in the Bernard Shaw on 25/7/09 and saw a 3 on 3 battle between Dublin and London over 90 mins black markers on white board representing Dublin , Danleo , “Rupert” and Omin all the way from London was Mr. Gauky, Kodaz and Reeps who also supplyed beatbox and is current UK beatbox champion for more info on <a href="Secret Wars check out secretwars.co.uk

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