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Chris Cunningham – Clean Cut Visuals 20 November 2012

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From his live showings at Whitewash to exhibiting at ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ at the Little Green Street Gallery in Dublin, 2012 has been a very busy year for, Christopher Cunningham. The Belfast stencil artist describes himself; ‘First and foremost ‘I am a painter, although I do like to think of myself as a bit of a jack of all trades and dabble in other forms of visual art.’

Cunningham, who for the most part, produces his work on canvas, tells us ‘As a stencil artist I painstakingly take blade to card and cut clean and precise marks to produce layers which are sprayed with aerosol paint to build up each line and colour on the canvas.’

‘For me everything I create from paintings to small vinyl toys have to have a crisp, clean cut machine like aesthetic. Although everything I make is done by hand I want the viewer to be mystified at how each piece is produced and ultimately question if it is machine or man made. Each piece I make is done so with this clean cut approach and ethic.

‘Thematically as a painter I heavily focus on my contemporary surroundings for inspiration and ask people to question certain ideals that people sometimes take as fact and not opinion. Advertising and media feature heavily in my work along with unquestioned ideals of capitalism and government ruling. I don’t profess to give any answers through my paintings I merely subvert and provide my own social commentary on contemporary issues in order to show other perspectives and open a dialogue for the viewer to draw their own opinions, and hopefully question the social norms that we are force fed by todays media outlets and governing bodies.

Most recently Chris has been creating for Canvas Galleries‘ ‘Christmas 200‘ exhibition which runs from Saturday 24th November 2012 until 24th December. With 20% of each sale going to mencap (supporting people with learning disabilities) the show is well worth a visit if you’re Christmas shopping in Belfast in the coming weeks. For more visit Canvas Galleries on Facebook For more great stencil work from Chris pop over to his portfolio site; Clean Cut Visuals or check out Chris Cunningham Art on Facebook

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