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IDEALISM-ART Interview 11 January 2013

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Idealism-Art Dublin

IrishStreetArt.com caught up with IDEALISM-ART, to find out a little more about the established Dublin graffiti writer, his roots and what has kept him active all these years.

IDEALISM-ART, Explain the name?

At first the name I used was simply “IDEAL” as these are the letters that I use to form most of my pieces. Then a few years later I considered a change of name but thankfully never went down that road. Instead I added on the “ISM” to give my name more substance. Finally in recent years the “-ART” bit was added simply as a way of making a quick and effective statement, “I am an artist, not a stereotypical delinquent with a spray can”.

Idealism-Art Dublin

How would you explain your style?

This is tricky question because in my eyes I am constantly evolving and trying to push my style. I think it is important and healthy to continue pushing yourself style-wise because it keeps you motivated and driven. Without a challenge it would become boring and monotonous very quickly. I guess, if I had to pick a few words to describe my style, I would say sharp, clean-cut, balanced and lively. In my eyes I am still on a journey style-wise of which I am still only halfway up the path to where I want to be.

Idealism-Art Dublin

So how did you get into graffiti?

It all started in the mid 90’s when I started taking the train to secondary school, that was my first real exposure to graffiti. There was a writer at the time called ZINC, his stuff was up everywhere, it was full colour, clean and complicated in terms of other stuff I had seen. He was the GRIFT of the 90s.. It was this new exposure to something I had never known that excited and amazed me. I knew this was for me, I had to do it. I was an absolute disaster for the first good few years, I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body. Out of frustration I contemplated giving up many times during this period but something kept me going.

I remember the first time walking down Windmill Lane, It was surreal there was full colour pieces by writers such as Maser, Rask, Kube, Artz, and Jor. Another place that blew my mind was Blackrock Baths, I remember walking in and seeing full productions by writers like Kube, Rask, Sek, Jor and Maser etc. This set me of on a journey that I am extremely glad I continued on, painting gives me something that nothing else in life can,it is my Zen.

Idealism-Art Dublin

What’s kept you in the game for the last 13 years?

This is my passion in life, I am deeply in love with it. I am an out and out addict constantly in search of my next artistic hit. It has been a love/hate relationship with lots of ups and downs, smiles and cry’s along the way. I have considered walking away at certain points but I love painting too much to ever leave for good, I’m a lifer.

Painting allows me to be free and clears my mind of all thoughts. My hunger for painting has grown year by year and shows no signs of slowing down. I don’t need others to motivate me I motivate myself out of my sheer love for what I do, if I want to paint then, BOOM, I go and paint, if not then I don’t. Writing has always been something personal for me, I have never felt attracted to any scene that may go along with it, I am happy painting, painting with no drama, I let my pieces do the talking. I am more than Happy to hook up for a paint with other writers but it is and never has been a priority. I have no interest in the politics and the who knows who, that bores me. What I am interested in is who can paint, who is active, who has the hunger and who is making visual noise etc…

Idealism-Art Dublin

What do you think of the state of the graffiti world in Dublin at the moment?

Over the years I have seen many writers come and go, some of which I imagine it was just a hobby which they grew out of like rollerblading or collecting coins, it simply stopped being cool. There are a handful of writers in Dublin,many of which started painting well before me, who have kept active and continue to push themselves harder and harder. They clearly share the same passion for graffiti that has kept me going. Those writers are a true inspiration and I admire and respect them all for doing their thing.

There is a lot of nice stuff being painted around Dublin. It is always great to see people putting work in producing good quality work many of which I would like to paint with. I am more than impressed by lots of talented writers around the city at the moment, some truly mind blowing stuff.

Idealism-Art Dublin

Who have been your biggest local/international influences?

Maser has always been my favourite Irish writer hands down. His stuff is always so clean-cut and flawless. He sets the bar very high and yes it is fair to say has been a strong influence in what I do.

Jor is another favourite of mine, his work is always so different and out there when compared to the usual more traditional pieces. He does things his own way and is not afraid to step outside of the norm. He made me realise that there are no rules, you can paint whatever you like. I don’t really spend time on the computer drooling Over amazing pieces done by international writers, I prefer the act of getting out there and painting as much as I can. A few writers that impress me internationally would be the likes of VODKER, PREYS, TEASER and ENOS. I have learned that you must paint for yourself, not to please others as there will always be haters. So my advice to other writers would be keep your head up, paint what excites you and don’t let others bring you down.

Idealism-Art Dublin

Shout Outs?
A big shout out to all Irish writers working hard, pushing themselves and keeping their head’s up. Special shouts to Phish, Deneb, Apt and Led.
P.S: Don’t forget to have fun.

For more visit Idealism-Art’s site or Idealism-Art on Flickr or follow him on facebook

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