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Meep – Fresh From Donegal 4 December 2012

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Budding Irish stencil artist, Meep told IrishStreetArt.com ‘ I draw inspiration from everyday characters and hope my stencils make people think of the story behind the person.’ Originally from Omagh, Meep now resides in the coastal town of Bundoran, county Dongeal. I’ve always had a passion for graffiti. I took to stenciling because basically I can’t draw and couldn’t draw my hand, but love the smell of spray cans and photocopy toner.’


His most recent pieces are quite large, using material such as NAMA for sale signs as his canvas to be installed at a later date. ‘This allows me to complete in studio and drink tea in between layers and not freeze my nads off. Meep explained how location is an integral part of the final piece; ‘I would never post my stuff on the main street. I try to pick quite obscure, run-down, overlooked places to post my work. Just to bring a bit of life to such areas and make people open their eyes now and again.

Meep Bundoran Street Art

At the minute there are not too many of my pieces about, mainly due to their size and time they take, some slackness on my part and also some thievery. But hope to pull the finger out and post a few over the coming months along with some prints. Meep would love feedback on his work, to contact him directly email meep153@yahoo.ie.

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